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9/14/2001 Window Tinting

Daves (heraclid) Untinted VX on left
My first mod, and a necessity if you live in the south, was Window Tinting. The VX comes with a mild glass-etch tint from the factory, but it may as well not be there under the intense sun of Atlanta. I used a local tinting company called Solarzone (770-643-7943 for locals). I had them install 35% in the Front and 20% in the Back (the percentage indicates the amount of light that is passed through - limo tint is usually around 5%). Georgia law specifies that there are maximum tint percentages for windows and I tried to stay close to those limits. In some states, you may be ticketed if your tint is too dark. In Georgia, you can pretty much black out the back windows in a van, truck or SUV, however the front windows can't be darker than 20%. Since they already had some tint to them, I only went with 35% in the front to keep from going beneath the 20% rule. I asked around to find a company with a good reputation and Solarzone kept coming up, especially from friends and associates that have tinted the BMW and performance crowd. Overall the job is good, with one small "buggar" in the back (the curve of the rear windshield is rather difficult to get 100% right - they offered to fix it for free but it doesn't bother me enough to get fixed). I used and recommend a high-quality tint with a lifetime materials and labor guarentee. Total cost was $169 (I opted to not have the strip across the front which usually adds $10-25).

Since the install a 1/4" gap has appeared along the back edge of the passenger window. I've determined that the window is beginning to bind and will address this by lubricating with silicon spray and adjusting the widow tabs (they slide front-back) along the bottom of the window. Pics to follow.

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