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Pic from the first Daytona Beach Meet 8-13-03

The VehiCROSS: Particulars of My Proton
I thought I would further expand on the VehiCROSS by relating details and describing my personal experience with my 2001 Proton. Using the last few digits of the VIN, my VehiCROSS is number 0580 produced in 2001. I had decided on yellow before ever seeing one in this color and basically searched/waited for almost 2 years before finding one (I almost settled on the Foxfire Red Mica or Ebony Black - I'm glad I held out). I bought my VX on 5/26/01 and have not regretted buying it for a minute. It is hands down my favorite vehicle of all I have owned (quite a statement conisidering the number of vehicles I have owned title to). My VX has a really remarkable balance of characteristics, spanning both the desirable from a sports car perspective, and the necessary from a SUV/Off-road vehicle view-point. I think this could only have been achieved through a company like Isuzu, who produced such wonderful real SUVs and sports cars such as the Impulse.

The following is a chronicle of my Proton, starting from the day purchased (with all related paperwork, observations, etc), relating every modification and noteworthy event to the present. I plan to keep this truck until the day of my demise, so this may become rather lengthly!

Click for Details Window Sticker
Somehow I ended up with all the paperwork that was used to market my VX. I'm not sure if this was due to it being a demo, a specific dealer practice, or pure luck. The window sticker is a large laminated sheet measuring 10 3/4" wide by 15 1/2" (note including the edge of the laminate). The sheet contains the year, make and model ('01 Isuzu VehiCROSS) with prominent Isuzu logo (Go farther. version) and "Terrain-sensing TOD 4WD, V6, Auto Trans." The sheet is divided into Standard Equipment, Optional Equipment, EPA mileage (15 city/19 highway) and parts content. Vin No. JACCN57X717D00580 (making my VX the 580 to roll off the plant floor for the 2001 model year). Exterior Color: Proton Yellow. Interior Color: Gray. Model X74. Engine Type: 3.5 DOHC.
Click for Details 2001 Owner's Manual Kit (AIMI-SRS-L01)
This set contains all the manual and warranty information that is supposed to come with a new VX. There are only slight variations between the production years.
Basic Contents:
  • 2001 Model Warranty Information Isuzu VehiCROSS (VX001-WTY-LO1)
  • Owner's Manual (VX001-ONM-LO1)
  • Driving Your 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle (AIMI-4WD-L01) (Isuzu Trooper - VehiCROSS)
  • Isuzu Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) (AIMI-SRS-LO1) - Air Bag
  • Tire Warranty - Bridgestone Limited Warranty on Original Equipment Tires and Tracompa Spare Tires.
Many VX owners also received two additional guides that were not part of the basic kit above:
  • Keyless Vehicle Security System for VehiCROSS (VX001-WTY-LO1) - Describes the working and programming of the Keyless entry system.
  • Isuzu Premium Compact Disc Changer for Trooper and Rodeo (VX001-WTY-LO1) - Describes the proper use of the 6-Disc changer.
Click for Details Isuzu Better Business Bureau Card
I'm not sure why this was stuck in the glove box, but I guess it was a marketing too to help ensure buyers that they were getting a quality product. Not commonly found.
Click for Details Isuzu VehiCROSS Convenience Net
This instruction card was supposed to be left in the glove box to provide some guidance on the Convenience Net for the rear. It's basically the same net offered in some other Isuzu vehicles, though this card is specific to the VX.
Click for Details Isuzu VehiCROSS Front Bumper Garnish
This instruction card was also supposed to be left in the glove box when the front plate was covered by the accessory. Both the card and part are scarce in areas where front license plates are required. Also many dealerships attach a dealer plate to the front so market themselves. See the back.
Click for Details Isuzu VehiCROSS Keyless Security System "Hang Lock"
I believe this die-cut carboard lock was used to hang from the rear-view mirror. It is specific to the VX and has instructions for the use of the security system remote on the back. I don't believe many owners were given these, or in any case many survived. See the back.
Click for Details Isuzu PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) Pouch
I don't believe that this pouch and its contents were ever supposed to leave the Isuzu lot. For some reason it was overlooked and left in my glove compartment. The pouch is a large dark red envelope with a small sticker on the front, my VehiCROSS VIN printed on it for identification. Inside was two different Vehi-CROSS PDI documents, several routing slips and what appears to be the original Japanese-language freight slip. All items have matching VIN numbers to mine, so they appear to be unique to my vehicle.
Click for Details Vehi-CROSS Pre-Delivery Inspection Certificate
This two-sided sheet has inspection areas grouped together with a stamp "Inspected #1" in red. The lower left corner has a box with "Final Inspection Passed" stamped in it. The back is the Wheel Alignments (actual), wiht tolerances listed for the vehicle. I haven't seen this form before, and believe it's not one that is typically passed to the consumer. See the back.
Click for Details VehiCROSS PDI INSPECTION Headlight Alignment Sheet
This single-sided sheet offers little more than a "Headlamps within manufacture specification" notice, probably to ensure that they are pointed for righ-hand driving or something. Another item you don't normally see, this one has "Final Inspection Passed" stamped on it in red.
Click for Details Routing Sheet with Bar-code VIN
I'm not sure what these were used for, as these were in my PDI envelope "loose." They appear to be some type of label (though they don't have a sticky back) for attaching to reports, parts or whatnot. The VIN uniquely identifies my VX so they aren't something that was thrown indescrimenently in there.
Click for Details Japanese Freight Manifest Forms?
Another oddity found in my PDI envelope, this computer print-out has what looks like manufacturor's information or perhaps freight information for the shipping of my VX. Written in Japanese and once again with matching VIN, these appear to be unique to my VX.
Click for Details Pre-Delivery Inspection Form
This form was stuffed in the PDI envelope above, and I'd imagine that it was filled-in by the service counter before I picked up my VX. My VehiCROSS VIN is scrawled across the top in ink, along with the model/year. It appears to be a generic Isuzu form, but does list the lug nuts torque for a VX (87 ft-lb).
Click for Details Distinctive Delivery Checklist
This is an unused PDI Checklist - I'm not sure if it's an old form or something that is being transitioned-to, as another, different form is filled-out. This one has the "Go farther" slogan so it may be from an earlier date, or it may be a sale's person's checklist, different from the PDI done by the back-counter crew.
Click for Details Passenger Air Bag Warning Sticker
I'm not sure where this would have been attached as the sticker I have is basically unused. I found it in the Glove Compartment when I picked up the VX. The sticker probably attached to the Glove Compartment door below the passenger Air Bag.

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