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Shogun Warrior Model Kits

Monogram released six kits in conjunction with the Shogun Warriors release in the US: Grandizer, Raider, Gaiking, Raydeen, Great Mazinga and Dragun. These kits were from existing Japanese molds (evident in the choice of plastic colors...all these kits came in at least 2 different colored plastics so painting was unneccessary). Grandizer was shown in Europe as Goldorak or Goldrake and Atlantic of Italy released 4 kits for the series. The Goldrake kit is shown below.

Click to enlarge Monogram Mazinga
Mazinga is molded in royal blue, red and silver, and a little painting makes a very cool kit. The feet are bulky to support batteries (the original Bandai kit could contain a battery-powered motor that would cause Great Mazinga's arms to swing around). Mazinga's brain condor is removable, as is his para-wing and chest "v" (which can be held as a boomerang-weapon!). He comes with a dagger and sword. In all, he's one of the best kits. Here's the side of the box.
Click to enlarge Monogram Raydeen
Raydeen is moulded in black, yellow and red. Two interesting features are his slide-apart face shields and his retractible bow. The model comes with several red arrows to shoot from the bow (let's poke some eyes out kiddies!!). The bottom of the feet are open so the original model probably mounted to a platform or something. Also, the legs are hollow and seem to be moulded to hold batteries like other Japanese kits I've seen (the original model could probably either walk or run around on wheels). Here's the side of the box.
click to enlarge Monogram Dragun
This is one of my favorite Shogun kits. He's molded in red, yellow and silver. Both fists fire as well as two rockets in his chest. The blades under the wrists spin, just like the first issue Jumbo Machineder. Look at the box side for details.
click to enlarge Monogram Gaiking
A really cool kit molded in black and yellow, Gaiking can swing his arms and legs. The kit features interchangability of parts so arms, legs, head, horns, etc. could be repositioned for hours of fun! Look at the box side for details.
click to enlarge Monogram Grandizer
One of the cooler kits, Grandizer is molded in black and burgandy, so some painting is required to achieve a semblance of the original figure. The proportitons are kind of strange and typical of Japanese kits, which incorporate playability (the figure is articulated and can be repostioned). The fists shoot off and his sickles can be removed from the shoulders and placed in his hands. Why they used the dark red plastic I'll never know! Here's the side of the box.
click to enlarge Monogram Raider
The Raider kit was actually Getta Robo 2 repackaged under the Shogun title as Raider. The kit is molded in red and blue and features full arm articulation, as well as a spring-loaded claw and firing missile hand. The weird square foot design indicates that the kit probably came from a battery operated, motorized Japanese kit (the batteries would mount in the feet to power a small motor which swung the arms around!). Here's the side of the box.
click to enlarge Atlantic Goldrake
One of four Atlantic Goldrake kits, this 7" tall kit is the actual robot and is molded in yellow, blue, red and grey so very little painting is required. The kit plastic is more vinyl than pvc or styrene, and because it snaps together can be abused as a toy! The arms swing around, the head rotates and both fists fire off! The sickles pull out from the sholders to make a double headed weapon. A very cool kit!

Shogun Warrior Jigsaw Puzzles

HG Toys Inc. of Long Beach N.Y. released several Shogun Warrior 150 piece Jigsaw Puzzles. These puzzles came in 11 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 1 1/2" boxes, probably in 1977. The puzzles are actually slightly different than what's featured on the box (most of the legs are cropped and the banner across the top of the legs is narrower). The 10" x 14" puzzles are actual photos of Jumbo Machineders shot in front of a "portrait-esque" background (smoke, etc.).

Click to enlarge HG No. 455-05 Raydeen
This is the earliest US release with a hollow, vacu-form delta-wing. Pretty lights in the background!
Click to enlarge HG No. 455-06 Dragun
Notice that this is an early version of Dragun with Spinning saw blades on the wrists and a Spiked ball on the axe.
Click to enlarge HG No. 455-04 Great Mazinger
Notice that this is an early version of Mazinga with extra missile holders on the legs and a seperate vinyl "v" on the chest.

Shogun Warrior Misc. (or "what the heck is this stuff?)

Click to enlarge Shogun Warriors Colorform Adventure Set #627
Produced by Colorforms, this playset features flat vinyl pieces of Dragun, Raydeen and Mazinga with an assortment of weapons, that can be positioned on a city background. Mazinga is printed black and red on blue vinyl while Raydeen is black and red on green vinyl. Dragun is printed blue and black on red vinly while the weapons are printed blue and black on yellow vinyl. There are 32 playing pieces in all plus a "copyright" piece. The box reads: "Invincible guardians of world freedom! Dragun™, Great Mazinga™, Raydeen™, take shape with Colorforms plastic pieces that stick like magic. No scissors. No paste. Never a muss."
Click to enlarge Ben Cooper Shogun Warriors Costume & Mask #735
The Shogun Warriors Costume and Mask was produced by Ben Cooper in 1977 and licensed from Mattel. The costume is of Mazinga, with "Shogun Warrior" instead of the Katakana of Mazinga above the belt line. The mask is made of cheap vacu-form plastic in a metalized-silver with red, yellow and blue screenprinted over it. The costume is made of vinyl and synthetic cloth in several colors. Here are pics of the box side and box end. I once received an e-mail from a guy who had this costume as a child along with some role-playing items such as swords and the like. The following is the role-playing playset (the pics are from an eBay auction.

Click to enlarge Shogun Warriors Role Play Set
I'm not too sure about what company had the license to produce this cool role-play set. I believe that it was made by HG Toys (who made a lot of Mattel's licensed products that were colateral to the toy line...puzzles and the like). The set features cool hand-held items for children to act out scenarios featuring their favorite Shogun Warriors. Included are: Mazinga's sword, Dragun's axe, Raydeen's Delta Wings, a Space Communicator, a Space Warrior Ray Gun and a belt with Shogun Warrior's belt-buckle to hang the stuff from. Pics are from a set that appeared on eBay.

Click to enlarge Shogun Warrior Rocket Top
A pretty goofy small child's toy, the Rocket Top only qualifies as a Shogun Warrior toy by name. I guess the figure is supposed to be a robot, which is inverted to release his head as a spinning top.
Click to enlarge G & J Shogun Warriors Mazinga Watch
G & J produced this Mazinga Watch. I've never actually seen one, but the watch apparantly has a 3-d molded Mazinga head that moves on the watch face. Info and close-up pic provided by Chris Hoffman.

Click to enlarge Goldorak "Magnetic Action"
This small Goldorak toy has magnets in its hands and feet. By placing another magnet (in the red holder) under the table, one can make Goldorak "dance" or perform tricks. See box front, and see box back for instructions.
Click to enlarge Rubber figure
This little rubber figure has suction cups on the bottom of its feet (I guess to make it easier to stick him to your monitor!). A lot of this small rubber stuff is around, not released as Shogun Warrior toys but mostly as knock offs from China (pencil toppers, erasors, etc.).

Shogun Warrior Paper Stuff and Ads from Catalogs

Click to enlarge JC Penny's ad from Christmas 1977
This black and white ad was one of the first and featured Raydeen the "Shield of Justice" and Mazinga the "Sword of Peace." Where they got these goofy nom de plumes is beyond me as they appear nowhere else. Probably the best deal in town at $10.97!

Click to enlarge Montgomery Ward's ad from Christmas 1977
A very cool color ad, Wards probably didn't sell many at the 14.99 price point as careful shoppers went to JC Penny's. The ad features Mazinga, Dragun and Raydeen (if one looks closely...they're all first issue!). In this magnification of the text, the ad reads..."Space-age Samurai robot"...and "Die-cast metal"...which is probably a misprint due to confusion with the chogokin line.

Click to enlarge Montgomery Ward's ad from Christmas 1978
Here Wards introduces Gaiking and Godzilla, and shows later issue Great Mazinga and Dragun. They also drop their prices to $11.77, I guess to be more competitive.

Click to enlarge Sears ad from Christmas 1978
Not to be outdone, Sears introduces the first (and only US release) of a battery-operated Gaiking...called Zargon (probably to avoid confusion and make prior Shogun owners want the "new Shogun.")

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