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Shogun Warrior Jumbo Machineder Fists & Accessories

Many Shogun Warrior Collectors are unaware that the missile-firing hands of the jumbo-sized Mazinga, Great Mazinga and Goldorak were actually an accessory bought seperately in Japan. It was easier to package the missile-firing hand than recast Mazinga without the missile holders on his shoulders and legs, or try to package missiles seperately with the hand-accessory. The shooting Axe-fist of Raydeen was also bought this way in Japan, but was thought of as an "added play value" feature for US consumers.

There were actually many different hands and accessories available for the Japanese market. They appear to originally be made for the jumbos Mazinga Z and Great Mazinger, but were probably promoted for all/any jumbo machineders. The ZZ designation may be "deluxe" versions (there really doesn't appear to be a distinction)...some even take batteries! The ones pictured and described here were mostly made by Popy and are taken from the sides of an original Japanese issue Raydeen box, as well as a few pics of accessory boxes in my possession. I'll try to describe them the best that I can, but my knowledge is limited. Some of the information, corrections and all of the translations were provided by Matt Alt. Thanks Matt! Any new information is welcome...

The reason "photon" keeps coming up in the names is because Mazinger was built and maintained by the Photon Energy Research Institute (or something like that). Each of those weapons was designed to destroy a specific enemy -- that was the way the show worked, if you haven't seen it. Mazinger would encounter an enemy, get his ass kicked, and then the Photon Institute guys would come up with some new super-weapon to enable Mazinger to destroy the bad guy. That was the general formula, anyway. (Info from Matt Alt... Thanks, Matt!)

Pair of Shooting Fists XX-1 Rocket Punch
These are pretty basic shooting fists on red launchers (the same red launcher that the iron cutter propelled from in the US version Raydeen). This was the most basic "must have" accessory.
Flashlight? Popy No. 600 XX-2 Photon Flamethrower
This has become one of my favorite accessories. Colored, translucent tips cover a "sparking" device (basically a metal plate that's struck by a gear). One winds up via a knob and presses a button for it to fire. Comes with two extra, different colored tips and two extra sparking plates (to replace the one inside when it wears out!). Here's an image of the box front, side and contents.
Missile Firing Fists XX-3 Rapid-Firing 6-Shot Missile
Notice that these missile firing fists are made different from the one that comes with Mazinga/Great Mazinga here in the US. The US version is taken from a ZZ accessory (see below). These came with red rockets w/white triangular fins.
Satellite launcher XX-4 Lightspeed Disks of Destruction
This arm had a pivoting elbow to ease the aim of these cool satellite flying discs. Way cool!
Car & Magnet arm XX-5 Mysterious Magnetic Arm
This arm has a telescoping magnet that allows a Jumbo Machineder to pick up metal cars at his feet. It comes with a the car shown. Here's a pic of the box and contents.
Wrecking ball? XX-6 Megaton Crane
Basically a crane with retractible chain and hook, its probably most useful to bash down lego buildings with one of the two wrecking balls included. Why a jumbo would need one in his arsenal is a mystery! Here's an image of the box front, side and contents.
Car Carrier Popy No. 1000 XX-7 Dynamite Charger
A car garage on an arm...why? Who knows? It comes with the car shown. The arm telescopes down to the floor. A plunger is located to the rear of the garage and fires out the car when pulled and released. Here's an image of the box front, box back, side and contents.
Shotgun Arm XX-8 Sled-Streamer
This arm fires small plastic balls, 2 each in red, yellow and blue. Each ball has a piece of multi-colored yarn attached to it via plastic eyelet. The barrel holds three balls at a time and fires them "scatter" shotgun style! What they represent I don't know, but the arm doubles as a shotgun-pistol for a young kid!
Unknown XX-9 High Voltage Beam
I really have no idea what this arm is/does. Anyone out there with some info?
Squirt Gun XX-10 Liquid Shooter
The tank would attach to the Jumbo's back and be filled with water, which would squirt from the small nozzle that fits into the hole of a Jumbo's hand. Fire extinguisher? Acid Squirter? I'm not sure of it's make-believe function.
Missile Car XX-11 Heavy Tank Z
This 6-wheeled "tank" with a bubble canopy has 2 large and 4 small missile launchers on the front and carries back up missiles in clips on the back. There's a bed in back for carrying accessories for or out to the giant robos. This bed doubles as a ride for a jumbo. The tank is designed with little wheel-wells on the top to accomodate a jumbo standing astride it. You use a set of four rubber harnesses to hold the feet in place. A decal has "Jumbo Machinder" written on it across the hood. A tiny figure drives under the bubble. That "little guy" inside the Heavy-Tank Z is actually Kabuto Koji, the pilot of Mazinger Z. (Info from Matt Alt)
Atomic Clock? XX-12 Photon-Powered Timer
Once again, I've never looked at one of these up close and don't have a clue to its function. It has the appearance of a giant stop-watch!
Iron Cutters XX-13 Pair of Iron Cutters
Once again, these are pretty basic shooting fists with Iron Cutters on red launchers (the same red launcher that the iron cutter propelled from in the US version Raydeen). Notice that there are seperate left and right fists
Back Pack XX-14 Jet Scramder
The Jet Scramder would attach to Mazinger Z's back via a white plastic belt w/yellow belt buckle. It has a different shape from Great Mazinger's Scramder Dash.
Break-open Fists XX-15 Drill Missile Fists
In the manga and anime, the Mazingers could break open their arms at the elbows to expose a deadly pulse ray. These arms provide the effect. The Drill Missile fists actually do shoot drill missiles. You spin a dial on the side and special, dart-shaped rubber-tipped missiles shoot out one after another revolver-gatling gun style. Six to an arm. (Info from Matt Alt).

Deluxe? Mazinger Fists & Accessories

The "ZZ" sets came with a paper score-card with each of the accessories represented on it. Also, each accessory came with a self adhesive sticker that could be applied to the score card. When all 8 accessories were bought and their stickers applied to the card, the card could be used as a coupon to buy a deluxe "jumbo machineder" vinyl case. The case has two doors so the jumbo could safely be stored inside. Along each side were plastic clips that could each hold an accessory fist.

Flying Fist & Iron Cutter Popy No. 7551 ZZ-1 Rocket Punch Fist & Ironcutter Fist
This set included a left Flying Fist (notice the "fin" to aid in flight!) and a right Iron Cutter, both on red launchers. This is one of the more desirable sets since these capabilities were actually used in the manga and anime.
Missile Firing Fist/Break Away Fist Popy No. 7552 ZZ-2 Ultra-Rapid-Firing Missile Launcher & Drill Missile Fist
This set included a Missile Firing Fist (the same as the US version that came w/Mazinga except with red & black missiles) and a right Break Away Fist.
Deluxe Missile-Firing Fist and Star Shooter Popy No. 7553 ZZ-3 Mach 100 Claws of Steel & Southern Cross (a.k.a. "Star Shooter")
This Missile-Firing Fist is over-sized and could shoot 5 missiles (each of 4 fingers and thumb!...the accessory comes with 10 for extra shots!), that are different from those one normally sees (the head has a chromed, arrow-shaped barb). The wrist also bends 90 degrees. The set also comes with a star-shooter just like the one Dragun came with in the 1st US version (strap-on instead of clip-on) including 10 stars in 3 colors. Here's an image of the box
Crossbow, Sword & Boomerang Popy No. 7554 ZZ-4 New Alloy Bowgun
The Crossbow attachment would shoot projectile "v"s and swords. The sword (blue instead of red) is an extra that would fit any Jumbo's hand and the boomerang is an extra chest "v" that could be held in the fist, fired or thrown (just like in the manga/anime!). The accessory comes on an insert with one sword and 3 "v"s bagged. Detailed instructions show the user how to make the "v"s boomerang to the right or left. Here's an image of the box and contents
Ball Shooter Popy No. 7555 ZZ-5 Mysterious Evil Bullet Launcher
This shooter is much larger than the images indicates! The ugly textured red, green and black balls are actually almost 3" in diameter. One loads it from the barrel while pulling back the plunger. An internal spring timer makes noise until finally popping the ball into the air (it doesn't shoot well horizontally so I guess it's more of a mortar than a gun). The box contents come bagged. Here's an image of the box and contents.
Super-deluxe missile shooter Popy No. 7556 ZZ-6 Super Three-Shot Attack Missile Launcher
This huge missle-firing hand shoots 3 large polyethelyne missiles. It's supposed to be a "Super shooter."
Super Flying Fist Popy No. 7557 ZZ-7 Two-Stage Rocket Punch
This deluxe flying fist shoots twice, once from the wrist and again from the arm. The contents come on a cardboard insert. Interestingly, the fist will not mount to a jumbo arm withouth the drill and shooting stubb mounted first. Here's an image of the box and contents.
Fists Platform Popy No. 7558 ZZ-8 Invincible Jumbo Castle
Apparently, one could mount a bunch of fists to this fort to fight off attackers or use it to simply store extra accessory fists.

 shogun missile

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