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 raideen's head

Mattel No. 9859 Raydeen!

Brave Rayeen (Raideen in Japanese) was my other favorite Shogun Warrior as a child. I think that the Egyptian style hawk headress really impressed my sense of design (I was already into the "deco" thing!). That the figure can shoot a bird-like plane (called "delta wing") from its chest AND fire its fist makes it a must have! Like the other four initial release Shoguns, Rayeen had at least three, possibly four variations (if one counts the bow-fisted version which made it to some oriental markets in the US):

The first release release has a very soft head which can be easily removed and stretched with heat. Many of the first release figures are found with stretched head sections. As with the other initial release Shoguns, the first release has the wheel trucks molded into the feet, rather than screwed on. The first release bird-plane (called a delta wing in the instructions) is made of a softer plastic than the later versions, and they are not interchangable (later release delta wings will not fit on the pin mechanism in the early version chest). I've been told of a variation that has a bow on the shooting fist rather than an axe. The only first boxed versions that I've seen have had axes, so this is unsubstantiated (the fist could have come from a Japanese or other foreign version released through asian markets in the US). The shield hand on the first version is held together with a single rivet, instead of screws in the later versions.

The second release tightened up the head mold with less pointy edges and harder plastic. As previously noted, the wheel trucks are now attatched with screws, the delta wing is made of a harder plastic and the shield is held together with screws instead of rivets.

The third release further simplified the figure by removing the red plastic epaulets. The rib-area is simplified so that fewer decals are needed. The box reflects the changes in the "fist-shooting" inset in the lower right front (no epaulets) and also on the sides. The primary images are the same, but the printers code is changed to R6493>P643>9859" indicating a running change in the printing plates.

The box reads:

  • Flying Iron-Cutter Fist!
  • Delta Wing Missiles
  • Flying Fist Trigger
  • Wrist Shield
  • Arms Lower & Raise
  • Trigger Button On Back
  • Fist Spike
  • Leg Rollers
    No Batteries! No Electricity!

    CONTENTS: RAYDEEN warrior 23 1/2" tall, with flying iron-cutter fist, 5 delta wing missiles and accessories. Arms are detachable.
    Winged missiles not for use with all Shogun Warriors.


    Distributed by Mattel, Inc. Hawthorne, CA 90520. MADE IN JAPAN. Manufactured by Bandai Co. Ltd.

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     shogun missile

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