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 daimos' head

Mattel No. 2988 Daimos!

Daimos is one of the harder Shoguns to find, as it came out when the product line was about to stop in the US. Most packaging for Daimos is in a french/english box, as are the directions. Daimos is probably one of the least interesting of the Shoguns made, his fist shot off and 4 soft yellow rockets fired from shooters on his legs (one on each leg). He has wide rollers on the bottoms of his feet (instead of wheel trucks) which are often missing and his missiles aren't interchangeable with any other Shogun Warrior which makes them rare (and consequently valuable). The 5 1/2" "2-in-1" die-cast version (basically the ST Japanese toy) shoots both fists and is much more desirable while the Daimos Truck vehicle fires missiles and two small cars (tough to find!).

The box reads:

  • Elbow Bends
  • Arms Raise & Lower
  • Fist Launches Like A Missile
  • Rockets Launch From Legs
  • Head Rotates 360 degrees
  • Trigger Button On Arm
  • Leg Rollers
    No Batteries! No Electricity!

    CONTENTS: DAIMOS™ warrior almost 2 feet tall! With flying missile fist, four launchable leg rockets, bendable elbow, plus accessories. Arm is detachable. Comes FULLY ASSEMBLED. Fist missile and rockets not for use with all SHOGUN© Warriors.

    ©Y. & K. Toel

    Distributed by Mattel, Inc. Hawthorne, CA 90520. MADE IN JAPAN. Manufactured by Bandai Co. Ltd.

  •  shogun missile

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