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Joe's fabulous Moon Suit Arm Reproductions

I don't normally endorse reproduction items on my site. There's just too much liability (I'm not talking legal or monetary here but rather "good will"). If some replacement part is unsatisfactory to the buyer, I would rather not be responsible for endorsing it to a visitor to my site. Because of this, I make no guarantees of any of these reproduction parts and provide a listing of what's available as a service.

These Moon Suit replacement arms, however, are an exception to my usual rule of noncomittal. As of this date, these are the finest replacement arms I have ever seen. Not only do they approximate the original, but they allow a fully functioning Moon Suit to be restored to original play value.

I was skeptical at first because of their high price (I won't go into pricing here except to say that several sets have sold on eBay's auction at $50+ Joe actually mentioned to me how much it cost to develope the custom aluminum molds ...the price immediately became more reasonable!). When I received my set, however, I was completely blown away! Joe even went to the trouble to create MMM style packaging for the set. He also includes detailed instructions for the replacement.

My advice...if you want a Moon Suit that works just like the one you had as a kid, find yourself a nice shell (make sure that the original internal "piping" is still in place, and if the original wires are there too, that's a boon). Clean it up, and order a set from Joe. I think you'll be a happy camper!

I'll have pics of a fully restored Moon Suit soon (I've been too busy to put them on except temporarily...I want to fix one up nice for the pics).

You can contact Joe at the Detail Shop here

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