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67 Spiegel 169 KB Spiegel 1967 Christmas Book
One of the most spectacular of MMM ads, the 1967 Spiegel catalog (measures 6.5 x 9.5 inches) boasts a full-page, full-color ad. One can tell by the ad that Spiegel was heavily committed into marketing MMM by the many combination sets offered: The "Deluxe Space Outfit" included a Space Station & Space Crawler Deluxe Action Set, a Space Probe Pak and a Moon Suit Pak for $19.88. The "Complete Matt Mason Spaceship Outfit" included a Rocket Ship Case, A MMM on Moonsuit card and a Space Probe Pak, all for only $9.99! What a deal! Especially cool are the parts "layed-out" in interesting arrangements. Take a look!
67 Spiegel 185 KB Spiegel 1968 Christmas Book
In 1968 Spiegel (measures 6.5 x 9.5 inches) shares the page of MMM with Johnny Astro sets and Billy Blastoff Space Scout. A combination of the Satellite Launch and Space Shelter Paks are offered for $3.98. The Space Station, Crawler Set is offered for $14.98 while the Firebolt Space Cannon sells for $5.98. Or both can be purchased as the "Deluxe Matt Mason Outfit" for $19.99...such a deal! Also offered are the Space Ship Case for $3.57, the Astro-trac for $4.77, Capt. Laser for $5.77 and a two pak of Major Matt Mason & Sgt. Storm for $3.88!
69 Spiegel 148 KB Spiegel 1969 Christmas Book
The 69 Spiegel catalog packs an entire page of MMM in the small catalog (measures 6.5 x 9.5 inches). Unusual are the "Doug Davis and Callisto" and the "Matt Mason and Jeff Long" two-pack offerings. These are the first that I've seen presented this way (probably not a re-packaging but rather 2 carded figures offered together in one mailer box). There is also an offering for a Captain Lazer with Firebolt (the only ad I've seen offering this combination other than the 69 Mattel catalog). Spiegel's catalog is a pleasent surprise (as these things go!).

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