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Click to Enlarge! Sears Wishbook 1967
On his first year of availability, Sears devotes only a quarter of a page to Major Matt Mason (the rest of the page is covered with GI Joe playsets and figures). The ad is in black and white to boot. There is only one set listed which includes Major Matt Mason, motorized space crawler, jet propulstion pak and space sled. This is basically the Space Crawler Action Set which leads me to believe that this was the first Sears exclusive (and why the box is so rare!). Both my boxes have sears labels on them, anyone out there with another label or price sticker?
68 Sears 223KB Sears Wishbook 1968
Sears devoted almost an entire page to Major Matt Mason in 1968. The title reads: "Vehicles of the future...traverse the face of an unknown world..probing space and tamint it for man" Besides a wonderful picture of the Astro Trac Missile Convoy, there's a pic of MMM on his trusty Cat Trac and an unusual pic of Captain Lazer, shown with an open right hand (instead of his normal "weapon moulded" hand). There's also a listing for a "Launch Pad Vehicle"...the Mobile Launch Pad for $1.99 each.
69 Sears Whole Left Page 248K
69 Sears Whole Right Page 220K
Sears Wishbook 1969
Notice that the Astro Trac Missile Convoy has been marked down to $11.99 from $15.66 last year! The color pic of the Convoy and the Unitred & Space Bubble has MMM driving the Unitred, Jeff Long riding in the bubble and Doug Davis driving the Astro Trac. What a cool way to display those wonderful sets! Also introduced is the Talking Command Console (called "Mattel's Talking Space Station") and Callisto. What a great year for MMM! The bottom of the color page also features a great pic of Billy Blastoff with his pal Robbie the Robot.
70 Sears 261KB Sears Wishbook 1970
For 1970, Sears introduces: the Star Seeker Walk in Space set, Scorpio, Talking MMM, and Jeff Long. Once again, nearly a full page is devoted to our favorite astronaut (the Sea Devils Deluxe Set inhabits one corner of the page!). It's interesting to note that Scorpio originally sold for $2.99....current prices have certainly inflated from then! Also on the page are the Unitred & Space Bubble set and MMM on Cat Trac. The ad reads: "Explore Other Worlds with Mattel" and uses the new Mattel logo.

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