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67 Gambles 93KB Alden-Gambles 1967 Christmas Circular
This catalog ad was submitted by Ray Kolasa who writes: "I was fortunate enough to recently acquire a few old toy catalogs from the late 60's. One, a Gambles Christmas circular from 1967, had this cool page of Matt stuff. Sorry about the relatively large file size, but I haven't yet mastered Photoshop. Still, I think you'll find it worth the download." You can question Ray directly here. Thanks Ray!
Click to Enlarge! Alden-Gambles Christmas 1970
In this 1970 Gamble-Aldens catalog, Major Matt Mason shares a full color page with Commander Carter (the orange Sea Devil), a Remco Adventure Boy with snowmobile, and the new walking Billy Blastoff and Robbie the Robot. The two sets shown are for the MMM Talking Flying set and the Star Seeker.
68-69 Western Auto 221 KB Western Auto Fall & Winter 1968-1969
Imagine my surprise...glancing through this innocuous catalog...and finding MMM in the center of one of only 3 pages of toys (not including the bikes and kiddie-cars), and in color to boot! I remember shopping at Western Auto with my dad and while there were plenty of bikes and sporting equipment, there wasn't much in the way of cool space toys. Seeing this ad knocked me for a loop! Where else can you buy a gun, tires for the car, a TV, a washer and a Matt Mason? (actually most of the Department stores carried many if not all these items during the 60's...but Western Auto was always more of a tool and car battery place than a department store).
243k Advance Sales Co. 1970
Another unexpected suprise are the one and 1/2 pages of MMM in the Advance Sales Co. catalog. Advance Sales offered general merchandise through a mail-order outlet in Chicago. More like a Service Merchandise than a department store, Advance specialized in jewelry, watches and appliances. The toy section is pretty small and in the back of the catalog. The offerings are divided by manufacturer with 2 1/2 pages of Mattel. MMM is featured prominently with Hot Wheels, a smattering of Topper Johnny Lightening cars and Johnny Astro, and finally a bit of Eldon's Billy Blastoff.

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