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Art. 4927 Capitan Meteoro

Capitan Meteoro Box Front and Back
The Mexican release of Matt (actually, Sgt Storm) places a large photo of him standing next to a typical Mattel white cat trac that looks like it's been painted gray. Capitan Meteoro is written in bold letters to one side in yellow with a red drop-shadow. The entire figure is white and appears to have been spray-painted white with brushed-on detailing. On Meteoro's chest, old glory is replaced by a red rectangle with hand-painted white stars. All currently known production figures have simplified detailing, one colour only (red), and lack painted details on their backs. The helmet appears to be an original Mattel product.

Spanish translations by John Eaton (with the help of some cheesy translation software!):

Capitan Meteoro - Captain Meteor

El Intrépido Conquistador del Espacio. - The Brave Conqueror of Space.

Astronauta con cuerpo totalmente flexible. - Astronaut with totally flexible body.

Casco espacial con cubierta removible. - Space helment with removeable visor.

Fabuloso "Cosmonautic" para trabajo espacial. - Fabulous "Cosmic Vehicle" for space work.

Contenido: Astronauta, casco espacial y Cosmonautic. Para niños mayores de 3 años. - Contains: Astronaut, space helmet and "Cosmic vehicle." For children older than 3 years.

**Marcas Regs. Made en México por Cia Industrial de Plasticos, S. A. Lago Texcoco No. 112, México 17, D. F. Bajo licencia de Mattel, Inc. (c) 1967. Derechos reservados bajo las Convenciones Internacional y Panamericana. - Registered (Trade)Marks. Made in Mexico by Cia. Industrial de Plasticos, S.A. Lago Texcoco No.112, Mexico 17, D.F. Under licence from Mattel Inc. (c) 1967. Rights reserved under the International and Pan-American Conventions.

Click here for a larger image Atomo
An interesting item represented on the sides of all the Meteoro boxes is this figure of Capitan Meteoro riding a space sled. The image is identified as "Atomo" or Atomic, and could either refer to the space sled as an Atomic vehicle, or may be referring to the figure itself. There exists a variation of of Capitan Meteoro molded in yellow rubber with Blue helmet and boots. The "Atomo" could be referring to a new character, who comes equiped with the space sled. Until a boxed example surfaces, I guess we'll never know. More pics of the yellow figure, taken from an eBay auction:

pic 1 | pic 2 | pic 3 | pic 4 | pic 5 | Paul's figure

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