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Art. 4928 Capsula Cosmica

Capsula Cosmica box Capsula Cosmica
A rehash of the Space Power Suit, Capsula Cosmica appears on the colorful box front. It shows Capitan Meteoro in more detail inside the suit: Sgt Storm in an all-white suit (including gloves, leg-pockets, boots & bellows) with red straps, black buckles & zipper. The stars & stripes have been replaced by a black (blue?) rectangle featuring a yellow (gold?) blotch in the middle with 7-8 white dots around it - probably representing the solar system. The power socket at belly level is black (blue?) with a red center in thin circle left white. Glove & boot cuffs have a small red dot on the molded button. Helmet is the regular MMM item.
Capsula Cosmica box Box Front/Back View
Capsula Cosmica - Unidad portatil de defensa
- Space Capsule - Portable defense unit

Cubierta espacial antirradioactiva para defenderse de ataques extra terrestres. Tenaza desintegradora de control remoto. Barra defensora de alto poder. Plataformas reguladoras de gravedad. - La figura no se incluye.
- Anti-radio-active space cover to defend against extra-terrestrial attack. Remote-controlled desintegrating gripper. Defensive bar of high power. Gravity-regulating platforms. - Figure not included.

Hecho en México par Cia. Industrial de Plasticos, S.A. Lago Texcoco No.112, México 17, D.F. Bajo Licencia de Mattel Inc. (c) 1968. Derechos reservados bajo las Convenciones Internacional y Panamericana. Para niñas mayores de 3 años.
- Made in Mexico by Cia. Industrial de Plasticos, S.A. Lago Texcoco No.112, Mexico 17, D.F. Under licence from Mattel Inc. (c) 1968. Rights reserved under the International and Pan-American Conventions. For children older than 3 years. (this is also found at bottom of instructions)
Long Box Sides (or Top & Bottom)
show 3 play sets each, stating:

ÍBusca las fabulosas figuras y equipos espaciales del intrépido Capitán Meteoro!
- Search (look for) the fabulous space figures and equipment of the intrepid Captain Meteor!

Box Side, Instruction Sheet, & Stickers
Art. No. 4928 () Box side also has a second smaller code nr (?) C. 800953. Instruction sheet has the code CLAVE 817437 in lower right corner. Might be printers codes, but doubt it...

Rear of instructions is blank; the sticker sheet is predominantly printed in red, except for the 2 front dials which are mostly cyan in colour. The stickers shown on the box illustration appear to be the regular-coloured US items.

The bottom of the Power Suit itself has the regular markings molded in: SPACE POWER SUIT TM - 1968 MATTEL. INC. - HONG KONG and 6344-014 (the power suit bottom being part 14 of the entire 6344 assembly).

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