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Major Matt Mason Italian Scorpio Record

This really unusual gem surfaced in late 2000. Its outstanding feature is the photo of Scorpio, complete with arm and leg shields and Vest Protector/Search Globe Launcher. Titled "UFO Robot (by) Gli Atomini" the record features an unusual mix of song and spoken word in Italian and is credited to Albertelli - Tempera - Tavolazzi. I hope to get this digitized soon to share with the world as an mp3. The flip-side of the record features a popular Italian children's song "Giro Giro Tonda Gira Il Mondo" credited to I Sanremini and Balloni - Moretto. The record label features cute childhood cartoon figures with a "Signal" globe logo.

The photo-sleeved 45 rpm record has the standard 7 1/4" x 7 1/4" dimensions. Copyright is 1978 SAAR sri, Milan. Italian translations by Paul Vreede.
Record Sleeve Front
A great photo of Scorpio adornes the Record Sleve, while UFOrobot by Gli Atomini is written across a lightening bolt across the top.

UFO Robot - UFO Robot
Gli Atomini - The Little Atoms

Click to Enlarge Record Sleeve Back
The back features three children in colorful checkered garg holding hands, with flowers at their feet and "Giro Giro Tonda Gira Il Mondo" arched above in blue.

Giro Giro Tonda Gira Il Mondo - Turn Turn Round Turns the World
Distributed & Marketed by SAAR sri, Milan - © Proprietà Artistica e Letteraria Riservata - (P) 1978 - Made in Italy - Artistic and Literary Rights Reserved.

Contents: This is a 45 rpm record, just as you would find in the US, that fits on a regular 45 rpm spindle.
Click to Enlarge Record Vinyl
Here's the near-mint condition, unscratched record. The vinyl has very typical marks around the inner ringe "S 719 A" and 9 - 8 - 78 (probably the date pressed). Notice the Label below...

Click to Enlarge Record Vinyl Label
The label is adorned with small line drawing of various cartoon and fairy-tale characters. Also note the Signal logo...the record label and the (P) 1978.

UFO Robot - UFO robot
Gli Atomini - The Little Atoms

(Albertelli-Tempera-Tavolazzi) - Names of the song writers.
Distributed & Marketed by SAAR sri, Milan
(P) Disco Depositato © Proprietà Artistica e Letteraria Riservata - Registered Record (as in Registered Trademark) - Artistic and Literary Rights Reserved.
Unknown. The is the first record of this type ever reported.

John's Notes:
Click to EnlargeI bought this record from a collector who was selling other MMM items on eBay. He mentioned that he was going to place the rare Scorpio record on eBay for sale. I saw this tantalizing tidbit and emailed him directly to inquire about the record's origin and feel him out on his asking price. He told me that he had bought the record while visiting Italy years earlier, and that it was extremely rare, even in Europe. He stated that Scorpio was an extremely popular figure in Italy and was marketed well after the Mattel Major Matt Mason line ended there. This may be a further clue to the Alien Space Station that Simone swears to having seen and almost bought. Perhaps the Station was actually produced by another company, like Nicoral (which also produced knock-offs of Mattel's Shogun Warriors line in the late 70's).

It turns out that he had originally contacted me several years earlier about both Major Matt Mason and Shogun Warriors. He wrote:

"You were very helpful in providing information relating to both Matt Mason and Jumbo Machinders way before you had a web site. If you are interested I would be more than willing to sell it to you before it is offered on ebay since you were so helpful in the past. Please let me know soon because I already have 15 emails from people interested. I knew this would be a hot item because any Matt Mason fan would love to hear Scorpios voice."

Paul's Notes:
I really doubted that the song had anything to do with Scorpio at all. There's no reference to Mattel, and the record was copyrighted in 1978, well beyond the timespan of MMM availability. Though admittedly I haven't heard the song, my guess is that Scorpio was merely used as a cover illustration (representing the UFO Robot from the title).

Somebody in Italy told me this record was part of the Signal "Cartoon" series, which I gather was a line of novelty-type music.

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