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1969 Corriere dei Piccoli - MMM Advertising Campaign

Hey Fellas...can we come?

Paul's Notes:
After Baravelli's 1968 introduction of MMM in an advertisement in Topolino, Mattel must have established itself in Italy. While the Baravelli ad was still signed by Mattel International SA, the 1969 issues of CdP saw a great deal of advertising signed Mattel SpA Gioccatoli (Mattel Inc. Toys), mainly for MMM and BruciaPista (TrackBurner = HotWheels). Baravelli is also an advertiser in CdP, but featuring different toys of the month, such as a Bonanza gun and GI Joe.

The series of MMM advertisements appear to start in the same issue that contains episode 2 of the comic story. Most of them make up a continuing story as well. MMM and friends are shown - with various items of equipment - in different surroundings, each of which is announced in a previous ad.

The campaign runs somewhat irregularly, since not every issue of CdP carries one, and not all the ads follow the same format. It does continue to run after the 'Esploratori' strip has finished. At present I can't be sure of how many ads there were in total, but do know I'm missing at least one in the series of CdP I now possess.

Click here to enlarge!After a first number of ads, a logo similar to the MAC Club logo is included in each. This logo is used to identify a Centro Astrospaziale Mattel, which turns out to be a toy shop selling MMM, since boys are told to "watch out for this sign in the window." No mention is made of any MMM clubs either. (Other Mattel advertising carries a similar message, but this time showing a different Centro Mattel logo.)

Most ads have a small Dany Pubblicita signature on one side, which is the name of the advertising agency that made the ads. An agency being allowed to sign its ads is a normal practice in quite a few European countries.

note: SpA stands for Societa per Azione (Company based on Shares) which is roughly equivalent to a US Inc. Company.

John's Notes:
These are some of the best ads Mattel ever created, in my opinion, even though they are in black-and-white. The questions is...why did Mattel limit the use of these ads to the Italian market? Obviously some work was required to set-up the shots and write copy for the ads...why weren't they used elsewhere? Perhaps the Italian division of Mattel had free reign in this regard, so these ads are unique to Italy. There's no way of knowing, unless a retired employee of the Ad agency could be found and asked (someone who might know the answer, of course!).

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