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Mattel Neuheiten 1968

Mattel Neuheiten 1968 - New Mattel Products 1968

Mattel's Man in Space
  • 6304 Space-spider, DM 39.50. A versatile vehicle, for which obstacles do not exist. Mounted on the Space Station it works as a powerful winch and crane. (Battery-driven, 2 1.5 volt batteries and Major Matt Mason not included.)
  • 6307 Space-Probe-launchbase, DM 7.90. Intercepts dangerous asteroids and repels unfriendly space bodies.
  • 6308 Space-Station, DM 59.-. Centre for all astronauts, that collaborate on researching the Moon. (Radar installation functions with a battery. - one 1.5 volt battery and Major Matt Mason not included.)
  • 6320 Jet-Scout (reconnaisance jet), DM 8.90, with rotating radar antenna. Flies over the lunar surfaces and drags [pulls] space equipment.
  • 6321 Space-tent, DM 7.90. An inflatable tent for all emergencies. Bottle with oxygen, map case and compass belong with it.
  • 6330 Captain Laser, DM 29.50. The space-giant is Matt Mason's friend. He automatically lifts his right arm. Laser-pistol and eyes spray [emit] sparks and rays.
Paul's Notes:
  • Captain Lazer's name is spelled with an "s" so that it is pronounced correctly in German. Spelled with a "z" in the american way, a German would pronounce it as "Lah-tzer".
  • This Neuheiten catalogue presumably preceded the appearance of the 1968 German dealer catalogue, for it would have made little sense to have produced it otherwise. I think it was made to fill a gap while the Germans waited to have their own dealer catalogue adapted from the US version.
  • The images from this Neuheiten catalogue are the same as those in the 1968 German dealer catalogue (and previously the 1968 US dealer catalogue), and contain some details that differ to those subsequently offered for sale. As described in our Prototypes section, the Sgt Storm figures shown here, the Cat Track and also Capt. Lazer are different in one way or another..

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