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Mattel Neuheiten 1968

Mattel Neuheiten 1968 - New Mattel Products 1968

Mattel's Man in Space

With Major Matt Mason, Mattel's Man in Space, all boys experience the most exciting adventure of our time - the exploration of space.
The realistic space-toys (designed to closely follow NASA, the official US space programme) bring hours of pure joy.
  • 6300 Major Matt Mason, 15 cm, DM 12.75. The adventurous astronaut flies with jet-assembly and space sled. His spacesuit is bendable at all articulation points.
  • 6301 Moon-suit, DM 8.90 The Moon-suit protects Matt Mason (not included) from cosmic rays, when he leaves the Space Station.
  • 6303 Major Matt Mason and Moon-suit. DM 19.75. Gift pack consisting of 6300 and 6301.
  • 6305 Rocket-launch-base, DM 7.90. A fearsome defense weapon against any attacker from space.
  • 6306 Satellite-launch-base, DM 7.90. Shoots satellites from the moon surface, to explore the stratosphere.
  • 6319 Sergeant Storm with tracked vehicle, DM 9.90. Matt Mason's space companion with his (its?) robust tracks.
Paul's Notes:
  • I've translated what it actually says in this catalogue, including the inaccurate description of NASA and what all the German names actually mean.
  • 15 cm means the Major is 15 centimeters tall, equalling 6 inches.
  • DM of course means Deutschmark. No idea what they were worth in 1968, but just before the Euro was introduced, DM 1 was roughly US$ 0.50 I think.

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