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Mattel Neuheiten 1968

Part of a set of four (the other two being exclusively devoted to Barbie), these consist of 3 "carbonless"-copy-like layers each in different colours.

One of them is headed Puppen und Spielzeug (Dolls and toys) and has the entire range of MMM then available in Germany, as well as the first HotWheels (Heisse Raeder) and ThingMaker sets (Mach-es-selbst) and a large variety of dolls.

This initial range consists of Matt, Storm and Lazer with the early carded accessories, Crawler and Station. What is most interesting is that both Matt and Storm are listed as being available both on flight card (and MMM with Moonsuit) as well as on Cattrack at the same time.

Another interesting thing are the codes shown next to most articles, explained in the legend at top-right. A 'K' means the article is listed in the Konsumenten-prospekt (consumer prospectus - which will probably be the Neuheiten catalogue (described elsewhere), which shows exactly those MMM toys. (The German edition of the standard 6-page folder must have appeared later, since that shows other toys in the range such as the Firebolt).

"TV/FC" means the item is shown in a TV commercial, also available on film (presumably for showing at the local cinema?), which I assume would be a translated version of the first MMM commercial shown on Keith's website.

Finally a star means the item is a "must-have" for "Mattel specialist dealers" - eg a store would have to order a specified selection of Mattel toys regardless of the ones it would be interested in... Again of interest is that a toy store was required to order Matt and Storm on *all* the different cards they came on (flight card and cattrack card plus moonsuit card for Matt).

The other form is a list of promotional items to support various Mattel toy lines, and make me *most* curious! Available for free (Kostenlos) are the following:
  • 1-0007 - MMM shop window poster (Plakat in German, which may mean it was made from stiff card)
  • 1-0008 - MMM figure, 140 cm tall, printed in full colour - Probably the large cardboard sales display
  • 1-0009 - MMM Sales display stand - obtained free with a simultaneous order of DM 500 worth of MMM items - For that price I don't think this refers to the corrugated cardboard trays found in the bottom of a shipping box of cards... also listed is:
  • 1-0010 (1-0011) Mattel Novelty Catalogue - for consumers - price 2 Pfennig (DM .02) net - I have no idea why there's two codes here. No codes appear on the Neuheiten catalogue itself, so that's no help...

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