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GmbH Spielzeug Art.Nr. 1-6346 Weltraum Transporter

The German Market Uni-Tred. The interior shot doesn't show the instructions or sticker sheet, which are placed underneath the insert on the bottom of the box. *Note that the insert and interior of the box are white instead of the usual brown.

Art.Nr. is 1-6346
Art.Nr. is short for Artikelnummer. No idea what the 1 prefix might be.

Texts are probably translations from the US box. They vary in exact wording from side to side. Here's a sample off the box front:

Motorisierter Weltraum-Transporter! - Schaltet automatisch zurueck um steile Krater zu ueberwinden! - Greift mit hunderten van Zaehnen in die schluepferige Mondoberflaeche! - Zieht Weltraum-Kugel ueber unwegsames Gelaende!

The box side adds: Kann von allen Mattel-Astronauten gefahren werden!

All sides warn: Batteriebetrieben - zwei 1,5 V Batterien nicht enthalten! - Astronauten und Weltraum-Kugel nicht inbegriffen!

What all this means:
Motorised Space-Transporter! - Automatically shifts (gear) back to roll over steep craters! - Grips into the slippery moon surfaces with hundreds of teeth! - Pulls Space-Ball over 'untravel-able' terrain!

May be driven by all Mattel astronauts!

Battery operated - two 1.5 V batteries not included! - Astronauts and Space-Ball not included!

Front View | Side View | Bottom view | Top View | Back View
Contents | Instructions

The Box is 3-color printed (black, blue and white) on White cardboard with a full-color, process-printed label covering the top and front. It is 12 3/16" x 9" x 7 1/2" Copyright is 1968.

There's no mention of where either box or contents are made or printed - not on the box, nor on the instruction sheet. The back of the instruction sheet is blank, though might possibly get Space Bubble instructions printed on when packaged together. (The Space Bubble is called Weltraum-Kugel (Space Ball) in German.)

Sticker Sheet:
Sticker sheet is 1968, printed in USA. Backing paper is brownish, marked Avery in a cross-hatch pattern (Avery are still in business today).

Mattel Spielzeug Catalog Specifications:
This item has been offered in Germany since the 1969 Catalog.

Mattel Spielzeug Catalog Page 14:

Weltraum-Transporter #1-6346

Schaltet automatisch herunter bis zum 1. Gang, wenn es gilt, steile Kraterwénde zu überwinden. Greift mit hunderten von Zähnen in die schlüpfrige Mondoberfläche. Batteriebetrieben!

DM 29,50
No weights or Case Quantities are given.

Although there are two variations of the Box in the US version, only the art from the first version has so far been found for the German.

Paul's Notes:

The spelling of the german texts above is correct, but differs from the all-caps spelling found on the boxes. There's two reasons for this:
  • There's various Umlauts (two dots) on different characters - even caps which don't survive well in e-mails etc. If Umlauts aren't available the grammatically correct way of spelling is to add an e right after the umlauted character.
  • The Germans capitalise their nouns.

John's Notes:

Paul was nice enough to provide me with his extra German Uni-tred. It was this boxed set that started my quest for foreign release MMM items.

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