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Major Matt Mason Insert Catalogs (German)

Mattel's Man in Space
Some time ago, Mattel's Major Matt Mason established a space station on the Moon. He encountered the dangers of the Universe with special equipment - designed after the official NASA space programme of the USA. In space, the equipment must offer protection against extreme changes of temperature, dangerous radio-active rays, meteorites - and storms from the universe. The rough 'untravellable' moonscape also has unexpected difficulties in store.

Now, Major Matt Mason has received new companions: Sgt. Storm, Doug Davis and Jeff Long. On top of that he is helped by Capt. Lazer and Callisto in the difficult task of space research. On their flight to the Moon, Doug Davis and Jeff Long brought new equipment along: space stilts for moon exploration, a new radiation-proof suit for working outside the space station, a 'fire bolting' space cannon that shoots laser beams and much more.

With this, Major Matt Mason and his comrades now also can succesfully resolve the new space exploration projects. Major Matt Mason - and all of this fantastic space equipment, that's the toy of the year... from Mattel.

Worthy of note are the following:
  • The cover design has been adapted by reversing out the german text from the Cyan and Black separations of the original picture (Thus leaving red text with stars still shining through it!).
  • All the article numbers have the 1- prefix. Perhaps this denotes german packaging.
  • Callisto and Jeff Long are shown in prototype form, while Dough Davis is only mentioned in the introduction. All the coloured suits are in fact recoloured silver-cuffed MMM figures. Also note the red helmet in the satellite launcher picture! (back)
  • MMM's spacesuit is erroneously described as being based on those from the Apollo programme.
  • The Satellite Locker shows a real MMM inside instead of an insert.
  • The Powersuit is described as an Anti-radiation outfit, to be worn outside the space station (the brochure doesn't show the Moonsuit, so there's no 'conflict of interest' so to speak).

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