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L'Homme de L'Espace Mattel Vehicule Lunaire

The French version of the Space Crawler with stickers applied over the English language areas. The packaging for the French Canadian market looks very similar to this.

French Translation:
The box is the regular US item. The two stickers are printed in red on the same kind of glossy paper as the space label sheets.

The Crawler is called Vehicule Lunaire in french, which translates as Lunar Vehicle. Major Matt is known as L'homme de l'espace Mattel.

The sticker at left reads:
Rien ne l'arrete - Puissance illimitee - Franchit les crateres... les roches... les crevasses... evolue sur la poussiere lunaire - Retombe toujours sur ses propulseurs - Utilisable comme treuil ou comme grue mobile - Adaptable sur la station spatiale - realise d'apres le programme spatial officiel americain Fonctionne sur piles de 1,5 volt (non incluses) - Nothing stops it - Unlimited power - Surmounts craters... rocks... crevices... moves on lunar dust - Always falls back on its 'propulsors' - May be used as winch or mobile crane - May be adapted on the space station - produced based on the official american space programme Functions on 1.5 volt batteries (not included)

The third sticker on the box is from the french importer/wholesaler. It's printed in dark blue, consisting of a rectangle with white 'jr' logo in white, lower-case letters.

Below this is the name 'jouets rationnels' - above it is marked 'le monde des jouets / les jouets du monde'. All of this translates as: 'rational toys - the world of toys / toys of the world'.

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