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L'Homme de L'Espace Mattel Capt. Laser

Jouets Rationnels appears to have obtained their MMM supplies wherever they could find them. Next to the Crawler in a US box and the Station in an English box, we now have a Capt. Lazer in a German box. This they made available to the French market by simply placing a translation sticker on the back, which summarises what any boy would need to know to operate this toy. Sadly my example has been opened (and the German instructions are missing), so I have no idea if a more comprehensive set of instructions in French was also included.

The basic German box can be seen in the German MMM section.

The box front has not been translated, but merely sports a JR sticker on the plastic wrapper.

The sticker on the back reads as follows:

The extra-terrestrial friend of Major Matt Mason Captain Lazer
  • Laser beam
  • Characteristic noise
  • Luminous eyes
  • Pectoral solar reactor
  • Laser pistol
  • Anti-radiation shield
  • Paralysing bundle
  • Cosmic projector
  • Movable arms, bendable legs

To set in action his extraordinary properties:
  • Unlock the dorsal element and insert 2 1.5 volt batteries (not included) according to the engraved instructions. Close again.
  • Press the button nearest to the antenna: the pistol launches a laser beam and the noise is set off.
  • Press the central button: The solar reactor on the chest is lit, the eyes light up and the noise is set off.
  • Press the third button: The eyes and the solar reactor on the chest are lit and the sound is set off.
The various accessories:

Anti-radiation shield, paralysing bundle or the cosmic projector are fixed on the laser pistol.

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Paul's Notes:
  • Yes, I know: French is rather comical when translated straight into English, but this way I can show the difference in wording. And I've still restrained myself, believe me. :)
  • The paralysing wand is called a faisceau paralysant in French. The word faisceau describes any object resembling (even vaguely) the old Roman fasces (a bundle of sticks with an ax in the middle), so I decided to translate it as 'bundle'. Anybody knows a better word, I'm all ears! :D
  • The French have restored the Z in Lazer's name. In their pronunciation of the word, an S or Z makes no difference, though I think they may have translated their sticker texts from an original in English instead of German. And who knows, they may have originally had supplies of Lazer figures in English-language boxes anyway.
  • Lazer's rank is kept in English (instead of Capitaine). The ranks of Major and Sergeant are original French words, so there's no difference there.
  • The french translator appears to've missed the fact that the middle button also lights up Lazer's gun, and apparently also seemed unsure if French kids know the difference between left and right. :)

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